Protection from investors: Community land purchase in Vorderhaslach

Kulturland is an initiative that aims to free agriculture from speculation and provide farmers with land for cultivation in the long term. The farm is located in Vorderhaslach in northern Bavaria and cultivates almost 100 hectares of rounded-up land. Although they have almost no land of their own, they work with solidarity farming, suckler cow husbandry, sheep farming and grain cultivation. As a unique farm, they structure their farm and have already included five farms in the initiative.

“We are in a dramatic situation in the land market.
The land is far too expensive to buy as an organic farmer”

However, there was a shock when an investor made an offer for one of the farms that they were eager to buy. To ensure long-term security for the farm, they decided to purchase the land collectively. Kulturland offers people the opportunity to participate financially by purchasing shares in a cooperative. The goal is to gradually buy more land and make it available to partner farms. The initiative wants to promote small-scale, regional agriculture and give people the opportunity to actively contribute to it.

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