Hi, I’m Philip, videographer and producer.

I very am enthusiastic about stories of people who have questions and are looking for solutions, who have an idea and are working on it full of energy. I believe that these stories can give new impetus and inspire us in the long term and sustainably. With my work I want to give people a voice to tell their own stories.

I have always been moved by stories, which show possible solutions, as well as the people behind them, who accept challenges and show how things can be done with their positive attitude. Out of this fascination and a passion for aesthetic images, I decided to produce films and capture these stories.

Together with my network partners, I produce and create films in the areas of environment, society and politics and I want to inspire people who are also enthusiastic about good stories.

My work focuses on documentary films for non-profit organisations.I approach every project with an open mind and interest. Personal exchange of opinions and trusting interaction are particularly important to me. In my experience, the most authentic films are created from a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable. And that is the aim of my work.