Dedicated volunteers: How a food bank organized help during the pandemic

During the pandemic, one food bank was caught off guard by the sudden situation and had to act to protect its older volunteers. The food bank closed temporarily and then began delivering to needy households with the help of Sonja, who recruited younger volunteers. A dedicated team of young people organised the delivery of goods three times a week to 150 households. The volunteers worked independently, organising themselves and helping each other sort and distribute the food. The cooperation was characterised by freedom and friendship, which led to a strong cohesion.

“…not only have I helped the food bank, but the food bank has also given me something back, namely somehow the feeling that with very, very little effort you can also make others very happy…”

The food bank had a positive impact on the volunteers, who realised how easy it can be to bring joy to others with little effort. Supporting the food bank also made it possible for people with physical limitations, such as knee arthritis or difficulty walking, to participate in the supply drive. Deliveries helped the elderly, pregnant women and those in need make larger purchases.

Despite the reopening of the sites, the dedicated team decided to maintain the home deliveries and continue twice a month. Supporting the food bank was not only enriching for those in need, but also for the volunteers, who appreciated the fun and joy of their involvement.

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