Strong together: Family planning with Bechterew’s disease

Caro Toedtmann, 40, has been suffering from Bechterew’s disease for ten years. During bad phases, she could only lie down for a maximum of two hours at a time and sleep for a total of three to four hours. Her everyday life was severely affected by this and she had to rethink her life.

Caro realised that she had to do a lot for herself and discovered swimming as part of her pain therapy. Swimming allowed her to switch off, let her mind wander and afterwards she felt strengthened and healthy. The disease changed her personally, but her husband supported her in coping.

“…six months after stopping the pill, I got Bechterew’s disease. And then family planning was out of the question for a while.”

Despite the challenges of Bechterew’s disease, they wanted to start a family and after a long wait, their wish to have a child came true. She trusted the doctors and learned that she could have a healthy child despite the disease. Her daughter Mathilde was born healthy. Caro accepts the disease as part of her everyday life and looks positively to the future, although it can be frustrating at times. The therapies continue to be important, not only for her, but also for Mathilde, her husband and the dog. Despite the limitations, Caro leads a full life.

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