Voices of War – Stories of loss, resilience and hope of 6 women from Ukraine

Tetiana, Victoria, Anna, Ivanna, Alina, and Mayna come from Ukraine and tell us what their lives were like before the war. What dreams and wishes did you have? Where were they on February 24, 2022? What is their life like now, how are their families and what do they wish and hope for?

I think that with the help of requests and prayers, I stabilised my condition. I began to think more calmly about it. And now it became clear, how I can work in the conditions of war.

– Ivanna

Ivanna, a resilient 75-year-old woman from Lutsk, Volyn region, shares her poignant journey in the face of war and her unwavering commitment to serving her community. Initially, she couldn’t believe the news of the war that reached her village on February 24, causing a restlessness and anxiety within her. Through prayers and requests, Ivanna found stability and a calmer mindset, discovering her purpose even in these challenging circumstances.

Driven by her passion for children and youth, Ivanna organized a camp for the children of soldiers fighting on the front lines or those who had tragically lost their lives. Among the campers was a 14-year-old girl who had recently learned about her missing father’s captivity. The girl was hesitant to stay at the camp, as her worried mother was alone at home. Recognizing the mother’s need for respite, Ivanna supported their decision and understood the importance of creating a safe environment for the child to heal.

Ivanna emphasises the significance of nurturing the younger generation, viewing them as the future of Ukraine. She expresses deep gratitude to the international organisations that have aided their ongoing efforts, providing assistance to internally displaced persons and soldiers. In her unwavering belief that good will triumph over evil, Ivanna remains steadfast in her conviction that they will emerge victorious.

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